Investment Approach
K&T Capital is the first private investment company to combine the Business Accelerator model with traditional VC infrastructure, in Europe

This ground-breaking model allows entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in the innovation of fresh, promising projects while preparing a strong business base, both financially and legally and aligning these for future investment rounds.

Our team of founding entrepreneurs is backed by highly-experienced, in-house financial legal and marketing advisors, who offer an in- depth knowledge and understanding of business best-practices, branding and legal guidelines, perfectly balancing the innovative spirit of our entrepreneurial founding team.

We recognize that young enterprises thriving in Europe and Asia may be daunted by the complexities of penetrating foreign markets. This understanding has sparked our commitment to creating a bridge between businesses and investors across EU, APAC, Eastern Europe, and the U.S., supported by our local expertise in these regions.

K&T Capital targets a number of select industries and is currently searching out investment in:
Payments and financial services
Cloud-based solutions
Internet of Things (IoT)
Mobile Marketing & Applications
Environmental technology
Think you got the next brilliant idea?
We invest in the future
Our approach is to invest in new projects at Seed-stage and Round A, focusing on profit-driven businesses with pragmatic business models. Next, we help companies acquire the credibility they need for bigger investments and provide legal and financial and marketing advice to help prepare them for Round B funding, while taking part in Round B-syndicated investment, along with other participating funds.
Looking to disrupt technology through smart investment?
  • Performance-proven model with high market demand
  • Global expansion potential
  • Highly experienced top management
Work methods
  • Pre-round corporate support (Pre-A/B, M&A and IPO)
    Building a sustainable and optimized financial model, designing and appropriate legal corporate structure, creating a brand value and facilitating founder-investor outreach.
  • Pre-round preparations
    Structuring investment propossals, marketing support and founder-investor mediation.
  • In-round support
    Logistical arrangements support, finantial and legal proceedings Mitigating investors pool. Overseeng and leading syndicated rounds (Round B and beyond).
  • Post-round
    Operational, technical and strategic positioning support in-between the rounds. Strategic planning and consideration of next fundraising options.
  • Ongoing
    Marketing and brand-recognition support; roadmap and cross-border expansion consultancy; and facilitation of synergies between portfolio companies; creating collaborations.